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So YOU want to be a Black Belt !!..............?
Dedication, Determination, Hard-Work
At Total Urban Combat Concepts Martial Arts Academy as well as the usual
gradings for coloured belts common to most forms of Martial Arts, we operate a
Merit Badge system which enables junior students to progress through the various
grades easily and with clear direction. The system provides a great way to learn
new techniques while giving the student a visual sign of progression and
achievement. The merit badges motivate the student by encouraging them to
practice for a specific badge which makes coming to classes more exciting and
dramatically improves their individual standards.

Students NEED visual signs of progression. This is why we have belts, but
sometimes the gap between gradings seems to long and students loose interest,
here the Merit Badges really help. They are regular visual signs of progress,
encouraging and motivating on a week by week basis.
Whatever your ambitions and goals are in Martial Arts, the Total Urban Combat
Concepts Academy instructors will help you to achieve them.