Total Urban Combat Concepts
We are currently looking for instructors in the following disciplines:

Kickboxing / Thaiboxing
Tae Kwon Do
Tai Chi / Chi Gung
Krav Maga

If you are an established instructor, or newly qualified to instructor level.

We have a fully prepared dojo, with opportunity for qualified/experienced
practitioners to run their own class/school. If you are interested in joining
our team of instructors offering some of the best Martial Arts and
self-defence training in the Cheshire area, then contact us today.

We have availability on several days during the week, and at weekends.

Use the 'Contact Us' page for more information.

We are also looking for people who need space to run their classes - circuit
training, zumba, group activities etc, based on an hourly rate,

Use the contact us page to find out more.
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New Instructors -
Join our Academy, Run your own class
How do I join -
You can contact the instructor either through the contact us page on the left, or via the contact
numbers on the page also. You will be given key information on joining etc, at your first training