Total Urban Combat Concepts
There is one sure fire way to improve your Martial Arts and Self Defence ability
quickly, and that is with One-on-One Private lessons with an instructor.

Make huge leaps in your training ability and knowledge, whether that be when
starting out, for a specific grading, or just to speed up your route to a coveted
Black Belt.

Total Urban Combat Concepts offer One-on-One private lessons for both
existing students and beginners to make the most of their ability.

If you feel up for the challenge, want to push yourself further than you have
done already, or want an intensive course in Martial Arts and Self Defence, then
this is for you.

Use the contact us page on the left to find out more information and to enquire
about your own personal Self Defence programme.
Martial Arts Academy
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'One-on-One' Training with the Instructors
One-on-One training available at our New dojo facility in Nantwich..
Seminars and Events

All of the instructors of Total Urban Combat Concepts Martial Arts Academy
are available for seminars and events. We regularly teach across the UK and
Europe / USA.
If you run a Martial Arts school / club / Academy and want to get involved with
the TUCC Academy, Zendoryu Martial Arts, and the DKI you can contact us
directly (via the details on the 'Contact Us' page) to discuss your event or